At Uniformalstudio we will tailor the product to suit your requirements with regards to all the design aspects of the project, time schedule, location and budget. Your lead times and budget are key factors in determining our approach to your specific project and a budget and critical path are always agreed at the outset. Each project varies and we are always flexible but in principal we follow the process below.

Concept Research 

Our first step is to understand your priorities: The role of the new product within your working environment and of course the look and feel you want to achieve. Our suggested designs need to reflect your institutional values and branding; your operational requirement and inspirations. All of these will be researched, discussed and distilled into a concept. 


Design options are presented; we will offer you a few sketches for each product required. The matrix usually presents a number of styles or prints with varying colours, fabrics and silhouettes for you to choose from. Our design process focuses on both the style and the fabric selection. We will discuss all options with you and agree which styles, fabrics and accessories to move forward with.


The next step is the creation of garment prototypes;
these are presented to clients and changes agreed and implemented into a further set of samples or directly into production. Our garment construction expertise means that we create unique patterns to fit different body shapes. With international sizing knowledge we can adapt patterns to fit specific sizing standards.

Wearer Trial-Testing 

A vital stage in the development, this process involves the technical testing of fabrics and wearer trial of garments at your location. This process involves the wearing of prototypes by clients to understand the look and feel of the product and get feedback & comments of any suggestions for final refinement.
A standard measurement chart is followed for the client to understand the sizing that will be followed for future. Our garment technologist makes sure the best fit is achieved in all required sizes. 
UniformalStudio also offers a made to measure
service for any special sizes required.


All of our uniform garments are manufactured to high standards. We use a number of specialist factories that we have developed long term relationships with, all adhere to our ethical standards. Once production is completed all garments are quality checked by Uniformalstudio’s team ensuring all specifications are met before they are sent to the clients.


All products are packed in personalised packages for each user, which are then shipped for on time delivery to the clients at their doorstep.